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“Brilliant Illumination”, by: Luke Rackers

Welcome to Luke Rackers’ artist page.  Here you can find info on his current projects, shop for his albums and sheet music, listen to his music and watch videos of his performances, read his writings on music and life, and contact him for commissions, performances, lessons, or just to say hello.

Luke Rackers is a pianist, composer, producer, educator, and interdisciplinary artist living in Denver, CO.  He serves as the Minister of Music & Arts at the Wash Park UCC church in Denver where he also founded the Wash Park Center for Music & Arts.  For more Biographical info, photos, and quotes, please visit Luke’s Publicity page.

Luke has recorded several albums and is constantly working on new projects.  His debut album Reverie, recorded and released in 2010, is a spiritual, meditative, and inspiring album of solo piano works.  Luke is currently working on a new album, The Dancing Soul, in collaboration with poet Dee Galloway to try to capture what it means to have a joy filled spirit in a troubling world.  Participation in current projects is vital to Luke’s process…find out more about his current projects and how you can participate here.

Dolce Music Service, LLC

Dolce Music Service, LLC is Luke's full service music production, promotion, and education business. Through this business, Luke offers music composition and production services, engraving, onsite audio and video recording, website design/production for musical artists, and lessons/workshops for pianists, composers, and sacred music directors. Luke also offers performance services including piano music and ensembles for concerts, weddings, assisted living centers and retirement homes, fundraisers, and worship services.

Abundant Silence Publishing, LLC

Luke founded Abundant Silence Publishing, as a comprehensive not-for-profit music publishing company to promote the works of other living composers. Abundant Silence Publishing strives for the highest quality products & innovation in music and arts publishing. Our wide variety of publications for the music & arts community range from sheet music for educators, students, & professionals, to children’s books, pedagogy books, recorded albums, and magazines. Our mission is to Inspire, Play, Listen, Create, & Imagine through our products and our customers worldwide.

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